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Hand Made Comfortable Leather Footwear.

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Handmade Awesome!

Handmade footwear surpasses bulk made footwear by meticulous details and focus. The wearer carries the pride of the craftsman who made the shoe and more importantly the love that goes into making each pair.

Handmade footwear takes up to three days to be made. Each component of the shoe is thoughtfully selected, cut, stitched, lasted, and polished with great care, resulting in a superior product that we are proud to sell.

Among other aspects, handmade shoes allow for customization in the fitting and styles. Several of our customers have requested customizations  like the wider or narrower fit, and color. It is heartening to see them satisfied with the final product.

Order a KINGS pair today and experience the true value of handmade.

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Joys of Leather

Few materials come close to the benefits provided by genuine leather. One of the biggest advantages  of leather is that it is long-lasting; and a good quality full-grain leather (as used in all KINGS shoes), can last for years with a little care and polish.

After a few hours of wear, the leather takes the shape of your feet resulting in superior comfort. The leather also allows your feet to breathe resulting in reduced heat and perspiration leading to fresher feet, even after a full- day of wear.

Not only leather footwear looks elegant and timeless but also rich as compared to its synthetic counterparts.

Order a KINGS pair today and enjoy the benefits of genuine leather footwear.

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