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5 Formal Shoes Every Man Should Have In His Closet

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You may take great pride in your extensive wardrobe that comprises all the top brands and the most luxurious and stylish clothing. However, I firmly believe that without the right dress shoes, your professional wardrobe will always fall short of being perfect. Based on my experience, I would like to point out that one needs to understand the right pairing of dress shoes and clothing.

Shoes can make or break the outfit, which is why you cannot just pick any random shoes for your clothing. The pairing of shoes with your outfit has some basic rules and it can also be adjusted to suit your unique style and personality. I feel that developing the right sense of pairing can take some time, but if you follow the basic rules, you can dress appropriately for most occasions.

I would also like to highlight the importance of solid rotation, which is a must if you want to avoid being tagged as someone with a boring dress sense. Wearing the same shoes every day is purely legal, but it can dent your style and dominance. Just like you can't wear the same outfit every day, the same goes for shoes as well.

As you define your style statement for a particular day, you should match it with the right pair of shoes. I recommend that every man should have the following dress shoes, as part of their wardrobe.

Formal Brogues: These are recommended for giving the perfect start to the week. Formal Brogues combine the elegance of Oxford and superior style with brogue detailing. These haven't gone out of style in decades, and are likely to retain their supremacy in the future as well.

Formal brogues for Monday

Classic Oxford: This has the simplest design of all dress shoes and pairs well with various types of formal attire. Having a pair of black Classic Oxford shoes will be a good addition to your professional wardrobe. A classic Oxford will never go out of fashion, as it has a simple, yet elegant design.

Classic Oxfords

Classic Loafer: These are quite versatile, as they can be paired with both formal and semi-formal attire. You can pair them with trousers for the office or wear them with your jeans for semi-formal occasions. Classic loafers also provide you the flexibility to wear them with or without socks.

Classic Loafers

Double Monk Strap: These are also laceless and work as a good alternative to loafers. Double monk strap shoes will elevate your style when you pair them with a suit and tie. You sport these on days when you really need to stand apart from the crowd.

Double monk strap

Chelsea Boot: These are best paired with slim-fit clothing and can be used for both office and semi-formal occasions. You can wear Chelsea Boot with your trousers or jeans. With their high ankle length, these are a good choice during fall and winter season.

Chelsea Boots

Having proper dress shoes is necessary, as it gives that essential final touch to your professional wardrobe. I recommend you have the ones described above so that you can add the desired level of sophistication, elegance, and style to your wardrobe.

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