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Chelsea Boots: The Comeback King of the Fashion World

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Classic, elegant, trendy, upbeat, young, and versatile are some of the words I often use to describe the wonderful Chelsea Boots. I have great admiration for the Chelsea boot, as its timeless design was invented and patented in the nineteenth century by J. Sparks-Hall, the official shoemaker for Queen Victoria. In his patent application filed in 1851, the shoemaker states that Queen Victoria was so much in love with the elastic-sided ankle boot that she would wear them every day. The shoemaker may not be lying since the Chelsea boot design is a class apart and it’s a ‘love at first sight’ kind of a thing for most of us.

How it got its name?

The boot design invented by J. Sparks-Hall came into prominence in the mid-1950s when it became popular among an elite group in London comprising fashion icons, artists, moviemakers and other socialites. These people were the trendsetters and everything they wore became a type of fashion statement. Folks from the media used to call them the ‘Chelsea Set’ and as the group started to patronize the boot design invented by J. Sparks-Hall, the legendary shoes got the name ‘Chelsea Boots’. This name and the shoes have remained popular ever since and they have been the preferred choice of many celebrities such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Kanye West, Olivier Rousteing, David Gandy and Tom Ford, among several others.

Comeback on the fashion runways

Patronized by top celebrities and fashion designers, Chelsea boots have been making a comeback on the fashion runways. Their timeless, classic and versatile design ensures that they can be worn with a wide range of options across both formal and casual wear.

How to style your Chelsea Boots

The simplistic, yet elegant design of Chelsea boots ensures that it complements most outfits. For example, you can pair them with your jeans or any formal outfit such as suits and tuxedos. However, I would recommend some specific combinations based on the color of your Chelsea boots.

  • Black Chelsea boots are most appropriate for dark-colored suits and everyday office wear such as formal shirts and trousers.
  • Brown Chelsea boots look great with a pair of jeans, in combination with a casual shirt or Polo shirt.
  • Burgundy Chelsea boots are quite versatile and you can wear them with most types of formal and informal wear.
  • Brown Suede Chelsea boots have a rustic look and feel and are most appropriate for semi-formal or informal occasions.
  • Colored Chelsea boots such as red, green, and blue are meant for semi-formal and informal occasions and they are best utilized when you want to make a fashion statement.
Chelsea boots are one of my prized possessions and I have quite a few of them in my professional wardrobe. Try the Chelsea boots and I can bet you will instantly fall in love with their timeless design, ease of use, versatile nature and iconic status.

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