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Double the Style: A Gentleman's Guide to Double Monk Strap Shoes

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From what I have noticed over the years, Monk Strap shoes have always been a favorite among fashionistas. These shoes convey both sophistication and relaxed vibes and complement a wide variety of outfits. Monk Straps are also making their way into boardrooms across the globe, as corporates shed their conservative outlook to office dressing and express their willingness to experiment. On days when you need to make a style statement, the one shoe that you can always rely on is Monk Strap. I would strongly recommend you have a few pairs of Monk Straps in your professional wardrobe.

Monk Strap shoes share a rich history, as their genesis can be traced back to the 15th century. It's said that the Monk Strap design was created by a monk living in the Alps. The story goes that buckled strap design made it easier for the monks to navigate the rough terrain and do farming. The design eventually made its way to England, where it gained immense popularity. However, written records show that the Monk Strap design was registered in 1901.

There are various types of Monk Strap shoes and the primary differentiator is the number of straps in the shoe. It's said that the original design only had a single strap and these have been known as Single Monk Strap. Double straps were added later, and these came to be known as Double Monk Strap shoes. Double Monks are more versatile and they exude greater style and sophistication, which is why they are preferred over their single strap counterparts. However, it entirely depends on what you prefer and which Monk Strap best suits your outfit, personality, and physique.

The spacing and positioning of the straps play an important role in determining the overall style of Monk Straps. In the case of Single Monks, the strap tip can be pointing towards the ground or they could be swept backward, pointing towards the rear of the shoes. A wide variety of angles can experiment within these two primary strap positions. In the case of Double Monks, the straps look better when positioned at different angles, as compared to having them in a parallel position. Also, the spacing between the two straps should be around two inches.

Monk Straps are quite versatile and they go well with a wide variety of formal and casual outfits. My recommendations for Monk Straps would be navy and grey suits, tweeds and blazers. A pair of well-polished, genuine leather Monk Straps can be really useful when you need to make yourself distinguishable.

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