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Footwear Essentials: Master The Art Of Dressing

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It's our innermost desire to look suave and sophisticated like a superstar, but we often fail to nail the outfit. So, what’s going wrong and what can you do about it? Well, if you want to look dapper, you need to understand that shoes are just as important as the outfit. Furthermore, I would like to highlight the importance of choosing the right shoes corresponding to your outfit. Shoes can make or break the look, which is why you need to wear the right pair that goes well with your style and clothing.

Let's take some real-world examples to better understand the topic. Suppose it’s Saturday night party and you have decided to wear jeans, casual shirt and a jacket. So, what shoes should you wear for this type of event? In my opinion, the best option would be to choose a pair of sneakers. You can sport fabric-based sneakers or go for leather sneakers. The great thing about sneakers is that they convey friendly vibes and are very comfy. For casual events, you can also try versatile shoes such as Chelsea Boot or Kings Monk Boots.

Chelsea boots

For semi-formal occasions such as Friday night office parties, attending social functions, etc., your best bet would be loafers or slip-on shoes. These are quite versatile and go well with both formal and casual clothing. For example, you can pair them with your trousers in an office environment or don them with your favorite jeans.  Loafers and slip-on shoes convey relaxed vibes, which helps when you want to be perceived as approachable.

Classic Oxfords

For formal occasions such as everyday office needs, you need to choose good quality formal leather shoes. Genuine leather shoes can make a big difference to your style and looks and these are a must-have in an office environment. Formal leather shoes are an absolute must on your first day at work and for important office events and meetings. For pairing with your formal clothing like shirts & trousers and suits, you can choose Kings Shoes such as Classic Oxfords, Formal Brogues, Double Monk Strap, and Derby shoes.

Formal Brogues

For the best fit and superior style and comfort, you can order custom made premium leather shoes. Kings Shoes are perfect examples of exquisite craftsmanship and they will be a great help in enhancing your style and looks. 



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