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Indulge in self-care with good shoes

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When choosing to buy your next pair, look for both fashion and comfort, because good shoes coupled with comfort will make you look good and feel great! Whether your occupation requires you to stand and walk all day long or lets you sit on the chair, it is ideal if you select shoes that are as comfortable as the softest bed you ever slept on. Hours of wearing an uncomfortable shoe can make you irritable and tired while causing long-term health issues such as back pain.

So here are some of the ways to pick a nice pair of shoes


1 -  Easy on the feet:

Happy feet make happy people.

When buying your next pair, do focus on functionality, comfort, and shape. Given the fact that an average Joe spends a major portion of time standing upright on the feet, you would definitely want to look for shoes, which don’t strain your feet. Look light-weight shoes that come with sturdy built and are thick in makeup. This spares your feet the dead weight that you might carry around with a tired body.

Easy on the feet

2-Cushioned Base:

Make every day exceptional for your feet with just the right amount of cushion in your shoes.

Your heels handle a lot of pressure when it comes to dealing with the daily chores. With time, the heels start exerting pressure over the other parts of the body, especially the spine area. It can lead to body pain, back pain, and long-standing tiredness. With fashion-forward shoes, make sure you help your body rest with a well-cushioned base that takes away a big chunk of the pressure on heels.

Cushioned Base

3 - Durability:

Make that feeling last!

If you think that standing at a single place with the shoes won’t erode it, then you just might be wrong. As opposed to walking, standing puts pressure on a single part instead of spreading it out evenly. This leads to easy eroding at certain points of the shoes you own. So, make sure the shoes don’t just seem tough, rather function same. Look for high-quality materials made to last for long but are soft on your feet.


4 – Non-slip sole:

Your safety is the first priority and with this established, you must understand the fact that falling and slipping can be inevitable. When picking a shoe for your daily wear, make sure they have a non-slipping sole.

Non-slip sole



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