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Put Your Best Foot Forward: Shoes to Wear on the First Day of Job

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The first day of work brings forth a range of emotions within us, as there's excitement about the new role and apprehensions about making the right moves. There's quite a bit of stress and anxiety as well, as we wonder how we will be perceived by our colleagues and bosses. As the old adage goes, the first impression is the last impression, it's important that you look and act confidently on your first day at work. Confidence is among the first things that people notice about you and it forms the basis of how your relations will develop in the team.

Match your outfit with the right shoes

To look good and carry yourself in a confident manner, you will need the right outfit. You need to choose formal office clothing that suits your personality. You also have to match the outfit depending on your physique, skin tone, height, etc. Another important thing is to choose the right shoes that complement your outfit. If you are not careful, you could easily end up with the wrong, mismatched pair of shoes. This can ruin your experiences on your first day of work and have the office grapevine talking about your 'funny' dressing sense.

Match your outfit with the right shoes

Guidelines for the first day at work

For the best outcomes, try to keep things simple and sober on your first day at work. Formal shirts and trousers would be appropriate for most people unless there's a specific need to wear suits and ties. You can choose any light-colored plain shirt and pair it with a dark-colored trouser. Don't wear anything too trendy on your first day at work, as it might present you as an overbearing person.

Next come the shoes, for which, the right choice would be classic leather shoes in black or rich tan shade. You can choose Kings Shoes such as Classic Oxford, Classic Derby or Eyelet Derby. These shoes have a timeless design and they never go out of style. They emanate subtle elegance and sophistication, which is exactly what you need on your first day of work.

Guidelines for the first day at work

Make a great impression with Kings

You can be sure about making the right moves with Kings Shoes, as these are exemplary creations of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen. The shoemakers take great care to look into every detail so that you can have the best of design & styling and superior comfort. A pair of customized, handmade Kings Shoes will be a true asset and they can help you make the right impressions on your first day of work.

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