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Style 101: Wearing Formal Shoes with Jeans the Right Way

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Wearing formal shoes with jeans makes for an interesting combination and it's a trendy way to style up. In recent times, we have seen quite a few celebrities and fashionistas endorsing this supercool dressing style. Combining formal shoes with jeans is like bridging the gap between formal and casual wear, and I must say that the final outcome looks quite smart and snazzy. If you want to add some excitement to your regular plain tee and jeans, I would recommend you invest in a pair of good quality leather shoes.

Since the shoes need to be truly elegant and classy to work well with jeans, I would like to stress on the quality of leather shoes. Not any cheap leather shoe will do and certainly not the ones made from faux leather. You want to have the right design, color tone, patterns and texture, all of which can be achieved only with good quality leather shoes. If you choose cheap or fake leather shoes, it is bound to look tacky and spoil your efforts to make a style statement.

Next, you also need to choose the type of leather shoes and their color that would be most appropriate for your jeans. My top recommendation would be Brogues, as these look great with blue jeans. In terms of color, tan Brogues would be most appropriate for blue jeans. Double Monk Strap shoes are also a good choice for pairing with jeans and the preferred color option is tan. Derby shoes are hardcore formals, but they can still be rocked with jeans. For a more casual look, you can try Loafers.

Formal shoes should preferably be paired with blue jeans, as it works out as the best combination. However, there are no restrictions on pairing formal shoes with other colors such as black jeans, gray jeans, dark indigo jeans, etc. You just need to make sure that the color of your shoes and that of the jeans are complementing each other and nothing is looking too eccentric. Tan colored leather shoes are the most versatile, as they can be worn with a wide variety of jeans.

Since you are combining two different worlds with formals shoes and jeans, there has to be some common rules between the two. For example, your tee and jeans should be neat, crispy and snug fitting to mix well with formal shoes. If you are shabbily dressed, it will never work well with formal shoes. Another thing is that your personal grooming should be meticulous. You should also match your leather, for example, if you are wearing brown shoes, your leather belt has to be brown as well.

Combining formal shoes with jeans would provide for an exciting break from your usual routine. Invest in a pair of good quality leather shoes and get the colors to be in sync with your jeans. You can start with tan leather shoes and blue jeans, which works out as the best combination. Later, as you become more comfortable with this pairing and get to understand the subtleties involved, you can try other combinations. Wearing formal shoes with jeans is a good way to overcome sartorial monotony and it can also help you make a trendy style statement.

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