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How to Pull Off Sneakers with Formals Like a Pro

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If I suggest you try sneakers with formals, it might sound contradictory. That's because sneakers were originally designed for optimal comfort and used for activities such as walking, running and playing sports. They were meant for casual occasions and used for expressing personal tastes and style preferences. They still serve that purpose, but now, sneakers are also making their way into the formal realm. Surely, pairing sneakers with formals is not everyone's game. However, if you can carry the look, there's nothing like it. Top celebrities are already wearing sneakers to the red carpet, and you too could sport them to make a style statement.

Before you jump to conclusions, I would like to point out that not every sneaker can be worn with formal clothing. You will need specially designed sneakers made from real leather. Kings Derby sneakers are made from twin tone genuine cow leather and have cemented rubber sole unit, which provides optimal comfort. One of the great things about leather sneakers is that these are quite versatile, just like classic black oxfords. You can pair them with your slim fit jeans or any of your regular dress pants. And if the occasion is right, you can pair your sneakers with stylish suits and blazers as well.


Sneakers can be a great asset in your professional wardrobe, as you can wear them to both formal and informal occasions. You can sport them on workdays, weekends, office parties, the dance floor, celebrations, festivals, and lots more occasions. The only thing you need to ensure is that you should not go overboard when you are experimenting with sneakers. This is especially true when you are pairing sneakers with formals. Your sneakers should complement your formal attire and they should not appear as something outlandish. I would advise that you stick to a simple look that flows well from head to toe.

Grey Sneakers

My personal favorites are black and navy sneakers, as these emanate subtle style and elegance. They don't appear to be screaming for attention, and yet, they complement a wide variety of formal outfits. Black and navy sneakers also pair well with various colors, making it easier for you to sport the right look. To pair sneakers with formals in an effective manner, you also need to take care of other details such as your clothing and personal grooming. Everything has to be perfect if you want to pull off sneakers with formals like a pro.

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