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Fringes: A new in for men's shoe wardrobe

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Fringes are the new found love of the fashion industry. Whichever fashion line, you may follow, all are using this latest fashion fad heavily in their clothing and accessory ranges. No one even thought that those loose strings and fabrics could create such a fashion rage! No wonder than that the style has also been incorporated in the fashion shoe wears. Now, the biggest concern I had with the implementation of fringes in shoe-styling was: how can you complement these informal designs with the formal shoes? It is well and fine to add fringes to party wear accessories such as jackets, belts or even those informal party-wear shoes, but how would they fit into the formal scheme of things? What the reputed shoemakers came up with left me quite wonderstruck!


Today, fringes have become a common place in terms of formal men's shoes. They are decorating the racks of every popular shoe store in your city. And people are taking interest in these as well. So, what is so appealing about the new fringe styled formal shoes? For a start, the shoe designers have not gone over the top while utilizing fringes for formal shoes. They have kept a minimalistic approach, and that is what the office going populace love. The thoughtful introduction of the fringe style, has kept the formal shoe as formal as you want them to be. Albeit they look glamorous and stand out from the rest with the fringes incorporated on them.


Wearing a fringe shoe maintains the best of both worlds. It conveys a clear message to the onlookers: here is a man who cares about his style and does not have to try too hard to attain it. And that is exactly where fringe shoes are winning over the traditional designs. It fits in aptly with all the formal wear and gives you a fresh and professional look.  


Thinking of it the other way, being a professional does not mean you will not enjoy those night-outs with friends and family. So, when you are about to venture out for the party, there is no need to search the shoe rack for apt shoes. Just wear your formal fringe shoes and you will be left awestruck at their potential. You would find that the shoes, you thought ideal for office hours only, are now looking apt as a party-wear. There lies the merit of these new and versatile fringe shoes.


So, all you men rev up your style statement with the new fringe shoes and you will just love them!

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