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Slip Into Your Monsoon Shoes

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If you love your leather shoes, you are bound to get a bit anxious and worried as soon as the monsoon season starts. I can tell this because I had similar experiences when I was taking my first lessons in the leather industry. Genuine leather is water resistant to an extent, but prolonged exposure will definitely weaken it and take away its shine and luster. But that does not mean that you have to start wearing faux leather/ PVC shoes during the monsoon season. Faux leather / PVC shoes, though water resistant to an extent, do not allow your feet to breathe. This results in dampness and bacterial/fungal growth on your feet.

With experience, I have learned various techniques that make leather shoes water resistant and adequately protected from the sweeping rain. Like me, if you also feel incomplete without your genuine leather shoes, here's what you can do to make your leather shoes accustomed for the monsoon season.

Use Dubbin Wax to waterproof your leather shoes: Good quality leather shoe cream maximizes the water repellant quality of leather shoes. This is the first thing you need to do to protect your leather shoes during the monsoon season. You need to take a small amount of Dubbin Wax and spread it evenly over the leather using a cloth or rubber glove. After this, you need to let it dry naturally. Don't be tempted to use hair dryer or any other heat source, as it can damage the leather. Once it’s dry, you can buff the cream with a brush or cloth for a glossy finish. You can apply multiple layers of wax to your leather shoes for added protection during the monsoons.

Keep them dry: If your leather shoes get wet, you need to dry them at room temperature. You can use a ceiling fan or table fan to dry them quickly. Do not use hair dryer or extreme heat, as it will most likely create cracks in the leather.

Moisture-free storage: The moisture in the air increases dramatically during the monsoon season. The moisture can work cumulatively to weaken and damage the leather. To ensure a moisture-free environment, you can place sachets of silica gel inside your shoes. You can also place some sodium bicarbonate inside the shoe rack to reduce moisture.

Polish your shoes daily: You can use high-quality leather polish to polish your shoes on a daily basis during the monsoon season. This will keep the shoes protected from exposure to water and moisture.

Ask us: At Kings, we offer you a complimentary water repellant Nano coating on your orders. This Nano coating lasts up to a year and does not allow water to permeate the leather. Simply brush off the water drops and your shoes are good to go.

With these steps, you can safeguard your leather shoes and wear them throughout the monsoons. Follow these simple hacks, so that you can continue to flaunt your leather shoes during the monsoons.


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